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The Important Features of a Commercial Security System

A surveillance camera in a commercial setting.

Keep an Eye on Your Business No Matter Where You Are

In today's world, every business and office needs a commercial security system, whether in a small building or across multiple sites. Without a comprehensive system, your employees, customers, assets, and property are at stake.

The good news is that today’s systems are smart and scalable. Depending on your site and specific vulnerabilities, we can create a system that brings peace of mind while staying within budget and growing as your company expands. 

Let's explore some essential elements and how we’ll design a system ideal for your unique needs in Omaha, NE.

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Security Cameras

Today’s smart security cameras offer a solid deterrent to theft, whether outside intruders or employees. Unfortunately, employee theft is a significant issue, with about two-thirds of U.S. businesses falling victim to this crime, according to the National Federation of Independent Business. These losses average about $20,000.

Cameras with advanced video analytics send alerts when people enter specific areas. Their pan-tilt-zoom capabilities enable them to focus on suspicious activity and send you and security personnel instant notifications if something out of the ordinary occurs. This may translate to a person loitering by the backdoor after closing to an employee entering the office after their shift. 

Ideal Placement & Use

Cameras can also play a significant role in protecting your business from false liability claims. This could be a customer saying they hurt their back when slipping on a slick floor to an employee filing a worker’s compensation claim for an on-the-job injury. Strategically placed cameras can provide the footage that proves or disproves these cases.

At Atronic, we have over 40 years of experience protecting businesses in just about every industry. Our first step in helping secure your business and protect your staff is performing a site assessment. This will determine the most critical areas to cover and the types of cameras offering the best performance for your situation. Some common areas include entrances and exits, storage areas, isolated areas, reception desks, and outdoor surveillance around parking lots and perimeters.

The Alarm System

Alarm systems are made up of door and window contact sensors, glass break detectors, and motion detectors. If these sensors or detectors are triggered, the alarm goes off. Some businesses prefer a silent alarm that goes directly to an alarm monitoring service. These professionals then view surveillance footage to determine if a crime is occurring and if a call to first responders is warranted. 

The benefit of a silent alarm is that you have a better chance of catching the thief. The drawback is that they won't be scared off by flashing lights and a loud siren, giving them more time to do damage. 

Environmental sensors are also placed in appropriate locations, including smart water, fire, and carbon monoxide sensors that detect environmental hazards before they can cause harm. 

Checking In

Thanks to remote capabilities, you can arm and disarm your system from anywhere and check in on your company via your mobile device. 

At Atronic, we design, install, and maintain these all-important systems. To learn more about a commercial security system or to schedule a complimentary site evaluation, contact Atronic today.

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