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Feel Safe and Secure with a Professional Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance camera looking over the property of a luxury home.

Stop Break-ins Before They Happen, Manage Access, and Ensure Your House I s Secure

You have worked hard for your home, and it should be a place of safety and solace. Security is an essential element; adding a video surveillance system provides you peace of mind. 

There are many camera options, and it is tempting to favor an off-the-shelf product. While many DIY security systems' features are intriguing, they lack crucial elements like robust protection, interoperability, and reliability. 

Are you looking to upgrade to a professional security system in your Kansas City, KS, home? Continue reading to learn more. 

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Your Surroundings Surveilled

Our certified team offers options for lensing and housings, enabling you to view your entire property from the pool and yard to the garage and entrances. Whether day or night or rain or shine, you’ll see everything in clear, high-quality detail. Track the movement of individuals inside or out and access HD quality recordings for reference or to provide law enforcement with evidence. 

Experts in home invasions note that a well-lit exterior deters many would-be intruders from approaching a home; with no shadows to hide in, being spotted is more likely. Sensor and motion-activated lights illuminate side entrances providing the perfect light for your cameras. 

Manage Access 

Your doorways and entrances are personal spaces where you greet delivery people, guests, and your children. Managing access while you are away at a vacation home or supermarket can be challenging. 

Over-the-counter video doorbells have recently become ubiquitous, and while they provide service as advertised, they have a few glaring security issues. Control4's Chime is a smarter surveillance doorbell. Chime incorporates proximity sensors, remote access to video, two-way communication, and night mode, all of which are not guaranteed in consumer units. 

A Safer Integrated Home

A smart home furnishes you with effortless control of climate, shades, music, and lighting. Integrating security allows you to be alerted to any disturbances on your property. Keep an eye on all aspects of your home, from the corner store to halfway around the world. 

Upgrade Today 

At Atronic, we are dedicated to creating safer, more integrated homes. Have control over every aspect, whether from the bedroom or the Bahamas. Are you ready to make your home more secure? Call us at (913) 362-0000 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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