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Protect Your Home & Loved Ones with Smart Alarm Systems

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Enjoy Peace of Mind with Immediate Emergency Alerts

Unfortunately, while we live in a beautiful area, Springfield, MO, also has one of the highest crime rates in the nation, with chances of becoming a victim of a property crime 1 in 16. Of course, every city has its safe neighborhoods and those that are best to stay out of after dark. 

The good news is that today’s home security and alarm systems offer proactive measures that help keep your loved ones and property safe. According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, just having a home security system reduces the chances of being burglarized by 300%. 

These systems have changed dramatically in the last decade thanks to smart alarms. Now, homeowners experience real-time alerts, remote access, and digital perimeters that protect those they hold dear and their most valuable assets. 

Let’s explore the latest technology in home security and alarm systems and how it brings homeowners in Springfield, MO, greater peace of mind.

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Sophisticated Alarm Systems

One of the major inconveniences for both homeowners and first responders is false alarms. Our certified technicians at Atronic strategically install sensors in windows and doors. These smart sensors can tell the difference between animals and humans, and homeowners can turn off an alarm with a quick tap on their smartphone. From this same app, you can lock the doors, arm the system, and turn on the lights. 

In addition to homeowners receiving notifications, an alert can also be sent to a monitoring center. These centers are staffed by trained people who can quickly determine if the situation requires a call to emergency personnel. 

Smart Fire & Water Alarms

Some of the greatest concerns to homeowners is the damage caused by environmental factors, such as fire and water. Modern smoke alarms combine ionization and photoelectric sensors to detect smoking and smoldering fires, offering the highest level of protection. 

Not only do they let you know that smoke has been detected, but they also tell you in what part of the home, enabling you and your family to exit safely and quickly. When integrated with lighting and door locks, your lights turn on to illuminate the way out, and your doors unlock so that you can exit quickly and first responders can enter.

We’ll also install water sensors that quickly alert you to potential leaks or possible flooding in weather-related events. If you're not at home to check the conditions, you can remotely switch on the smart water valve that turns off your water until the situation can be assessed.

Smart Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras are also integrated into alarm systems. Today’s systems offer high-definition 4K video, night vision, and AI learning. These cameras learn as they watch over you and your family, detecting strangers from family members and sending alerts when the unusual occurs. We’ll also set up digital tripwires that send notifications when crossed over, whether it's someone entering your side gate or your toddler heading for the pool.

At Atronic, we specialize in custom security and smart automation systems and have been protecting our communities since 1982. To learn about alarm systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today.

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