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Intrusion Detection Offers the First Step in Home Security

A woman’s hands holding up a tablet in the living that shows a disarmed security system.

Experience Peace of Mind with the Latest Home Security System

Today’s security systems offer comprehensive coverage, protecting your home and loved ones in a much different manner than older models, which provide little in the way of integrated solutions. Smart security systems work with smart home automation to protect against intrusion, vandalism, theft, and environmental factors that may cause damage. 

At Atronic, a family-owned and operated security system company serving Omaha, NE, and the surrounding areas since 1982, we specialize in customized security and home automation systems that provide the ultimate home protection. In this series on residential security, we’ll start with the basics, such as how these systems detect intrusion. In the second part, we'll look at video surveillance and its integrated role in a robust security system. 

Your home is the space where you should feel free to be yourself, relaxed and safe. Unfortunately, a break-in or intrusion can destroy that sense of security. These systems take a proactive stance, helping you stop tragedy before it occurs. Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they can secure what matters most to you.

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What Is a Security System?

Most home security systems have motion, door, window, and glass-break sensors. These sensors trigger notifications, both to you and an off-site monitoring team. If cameras are installed, they alert them to focus on the area where the sensor detected movement. 

No matter how smart an intruder thinks they are, these intrusion detection systems are smarter. In addition to common entry points, state-of-the-art electronic sensors can monitor skylights, side gates, and garages, detecting and signaling a potential break-in before the criminal gains access. 

We can also program the system to automatically lock the doors and arm the alarm when you leave home. The system then deactivates when you return and pull into the driveway. 

Rapid Response Required 

In July 2022, the Omaha Police Department received over 24,800 emergency 911 calls, which averaged out to about 800 calls a day. The average time it took them to arrive at the scene was about six minutes for a priority-one call and a little over 13 minutes for a priority-two call. This quick response can protect people and assets when faced with possible theft or intrusion. 

However, the critical element is getting the call to law enforcement before the unthinkable occurs. Because this security system offers advanced notification and professional monitoring services, trained personnel will immediately determine if an emergency call is warranted and notify the police without delay. 

At Atronic, we provide high-level, customized solutions in home security and home automation. Are you ready to secure your home and loved ones with the latest technology? To learn more about these systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today. 

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