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Learn How the Latest Technology Has Transformed Home Security


The Combined Powers of Home Security and Automation Create Greater Safety and Security

Have you been considering installing a new or updated home security system? Today’s systems offer much more than a blaring alarm when a fire erupts or an intruder attempts to enter your home. The latest security solutions integrate many of your home’s systems and electronic devices to help create a secure, safe, and protected space.

At Atronic, we combine the latest technology in home automation and security to create customized solutions for our many clients. Let’s look at the benefits of working with a local home security company in Kansas City, MO. 

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The Mind of a Thief

It’s interesting to note that most burglaries aren’t premeditated. In fact, according to PolicyAdvice, only 12% of home invasions are planned. These thieves are three times more likely to choose a home that doesn’t have a security system. Unfortunately, only 17% of homeowners have installed these systems that protect assets and loved ones. 

Should a criminal target your home, a security system can keep them at bay and alert law enforcement before the unthinkable happens. Today’s security cameras can zoom in on people at the front door or lingering by the garage, side, or back entrances. They can also immediately send notifications and a video clip, alerting you to possible trouble. 

Two-way intercoms let you speak to the person and tell them they've been seen and authorities alerted. Of course, if you spot your neighbor or delivery personnel, you can let them know when you’ll be back or remotely unlock the side gate and let them drop off the package before leaving.

The Latest Technology

Today’s technology offers features that take security to the next level. For example, security cameras allow you monitor an invisible perimeter around your property. Then, when a person gets within 10 feet from your garage, side gate, or front or back door, you'll receive an alert. 

Geofencing bases on your smartphone location can also make it easy for you when you leave your home, automatically turning off the audio and video, arming the alarm, and locking the doors. Your smart home also knows when you return and can adjust the temperature, turn on the lights, disarm the alarm, unlock the doors, and start your favorite streaming playlist before you even get out of your car. 

Integrated with Home Automation

These home security systems also integrate with your lighting and audio, flashing your lights should an intrusion be detected and turning up the audio full blast. This quick reaction can alert neighbors that something is wrong and make it easier for law enforcement to find your home. 

Of course, not all threats come from external sources. For example, we can program the lights to illuminate and the doors to unlock if smoke or fire is detected, helping loved ones leave and first responders enter. We can also program the system to turn off your HVAC system to limit the spread of smoke.

Some of the best news is that you can control your home and view your security cameras from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. Check in with your kids and view the crystal-clear images that come from today's surveillance systems.

At Atronic, we combine the latest home automation with today’s smart security systems to deliver the ultimate protection and ease of living. To learn more about home security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atronic today. 

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