Preventing False Alarms

Preventing False Alarms

Since false alarms can result in a fines for property owners and places undo stress on the proper authorities, Atronic Alarms takes preventing false alarms very seriously.

To do our part, we install the best technology from reputable, dependable dealers with equipment that has been field-tested by trained and certified professionals. We design each system to meet your individual needs and don’t use a “cookie cutter” approach to security. We conduct quality assurance training to make sure you are comfortable with your system, and provide 24/7/365 monitoring and customer service to guarantee satisfaction.

Once your security system is online, it is your responsibility to keep it maintained and in good working order. It is also important that you understand what may cause false alarms so you can work with us to help prevent them.

How You Can Prevent False Alarms

  • Leaving on a vacation or business trip? Call us to update your contact list and assure that your phone numbers and who should be contacted in case of an incident are correct. Some people add a local relative or neighbor as primary contact when they are out of town.
  • Give temporary user codes to anyone who might be in and out if you are away. Make sure they know how to use the system and what to do if they accidentally set off the alarm.
  • Your user code and your password are two different things. The user code is what you press into the keypad. Your password is what you will provide to the monitoring station when they call you after an alarm is triggered.
  • Train all of your family or business team on the proper use of the security system. Need more training? Call us!
  • Keep hanging objects, like plants, away from motion detectors. Make sure floating balloons are tied as they may drift in front of the sensors. Curtains can also set off motion sensors when the air or heat kicks on.
  • Before arming the system, close and lock all doors and windows. Many times your alarm will go off because something is not closed completely.
  • Have you had your security system serviced recently? If something is wrong, contact us immediately. Atronic Alarms has maintenance agreements for yearly tune-ups to test and clean all of your devices.
  • Consider using video or audio in conjunction with your security system. This allows the monitoring company to hear or see the premises and verify an intrusion or fire.

Updated June 2020