Alarm Permit Forms for Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

The cities in the Kansas City Metro area that require alarm permit forms are listed in the table below. Many alarm permit forms are in pdf file format. You may either visit the web site or click on the link to download the form and mail in to your municipality.

Some city ordinances use the CRY WOLF alarm service in their false alarm prevention programs, and system owners must register through that database.

Other alarm forms are not available electronically. Contact the office of your city to have their permit mailed to you.


If your city ordinance requires that you have an alarm permit for your security system, the paperwork must be completed or charges will incur.

You must keep alarm permit paperwork active with your city or they WILL NOT RESPOND in the event of an alarm.

If you have any questions, you may contact Atronic Alarms at 913.362.0000.


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Alarm Permit Forms (Kansas)