Quick Reference Guide – Leviton Omni or Aegis Time and Date Change

To change the time on your Leviton Omni or Aegis Home Automation Panel:

1. Press the “#” key to entr the menu.

2. Press the down arrow until you come to “SETUP”. Press the number next to “SETUP”. This number should be either 8 or 9.

3. The screen will now ask for your code. Enter the same code you use to disarm the system.

4. Press “2” to change the time and date.

5. Enter the current time using four digits. For example if it is two-twenty one, enter “0-2-2-1”. Then press the up arrow for AM or the down arrow for PM.

6. The screen will now ask you if it is currently Daylight Savings time. Press “0” for no or “1” for yes.

7. The screen will now ask you to enter the current date using six digits. For example if it is April 6, 2000 enter “0-4-0-6-0-0”.

8. The screen will now ask you what day of the week it is (Mon., Tue., Wed., etc.). Press “1” for Monday, “2” for Tuesday, “3” for Wednesday, “4” for Thursday, “5” for Friday, “6” for Saturday or “7” for Sunday.

9. At this time you are done changing the time and date. Now all you need to do is press the “*” key twice to exit back to the normal running mode.

If at any point in time you have made a mistake you can press “*” which will return you to the previous menu.