Why Have a Home Alarm System?

The obvious reason to have a home alarm system is for your security. In 2009, a comprehensive study of statistics by researchers at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice found that, over a 5-year span, residential burglar alarm systems decrease crime.

The press release revealed that, “In short, the study found that an installed burglar alarm makes a dwelling less attractive to the would-be and active intruders and protects the home without displacing burglaries to nearby homes.”

In one new news story there is an interview with a serial burglar who tells the reporter how he targets homes, where he breaks in and what keeps him away. The reporter said that “alarm systems and dogs” will make him “skip” over a home.

Even though the story aired in Nashville, this robbery trend is nationwide.

Fire protection can be added to the system, as well, and does not increase your monthly monitoring. In fact, many insurance companies will recommend a monitored security and fire system, and will provide you with discounts off of your homeowner’s insurance.

Worried About False Alarms?

Atronic Alarms has one of the lowest false-alarm rates in the industry. In fact, in Spring 2009, Atronic Alarms was awarded with the Nationally Acclaimed Police Dispatch Quality Award (PDQ) which is presented to a security company each year that has outstanding false alarm strategies.

With Atronic, each system is customized to meet your individual needs, thus reducing the chance of accidental alarms. Atronic’s highly trained staff of technicians install and train home and business owners on their new system to minimize the threat of false alarms even more.