Water Detection for Your Home

Water Detection Device - Winland WaterbugAtronic Alarms offers water detection devices for your home that can be placed near a problem area and alert the monitoring station if there is a flood or other water leak. These are also what security companies refer to as “waterbugs.”

As the name suggests, the device is placed close to the sump pump or other areas prone to flooding (drain and storage areas) and connects to you alarm panel. When the probes detect water, a signal is relayed over to the central station as a non-life threatening environmental alarm. The monitoring station then notifies you about your water problem and appropriate steps can immediately be taken.

Water Detection is perfect for:

  • Basements
  • Cellars
  • Storage Rooms
  • Computer or IT Rooms
  • Vacation Homes

The waterbug does not trip due to condensation and humidity, only when enough water occurs to bridge across two of the metal contacts on the sensor.

This water device has helped save many homeowners thousands of dollars in water damage. In some cases, insurance companies are offering discounts if this device is part of your monitored alarm system.

Waterbugs and Hi/Low Temperature Sensors are normally used together.