Camera Systems and Video Doorbells

Atronic Alarms is offering affordable, innovative camera systems that record your camera’s input, stores it on a remote internet site, and immediately texts and/or emails you the captured pictures or the video clip.

This type of video surveillance system is named in the security industry “self monitoring” because it will not contact the central monitoring station or set off your alarm.

It is a good addition to any security system. Technology prices have lowered and video surveillance is becoming more and more popular because it is easier for homeowners and small businesses to afford.

It can also be used as a stand-alone system. You do not need a security panel.

Examples of Video Applications

Pet Video Viewing
View your pets at anytime. You can either choose to record at certain times and have clips sent to you or go to the Internet site and see the live feed. Great for people who breed pets for a living, or simply want to make sure their animals are doing okay while away.

Video Doorbells
Want to know when someone comes to your front door?  Get video and text messages each time a person comes to your door and rings your doorbell. This deters thefts, especially if you do a lot of online shopping or with the busy holiday season.

Babysitter Monitoring
Do you ever hire a babysitter or a nanny and wonder just exactly how they interact with your children? Now you can purchase a camera or two and place them strategically around the house to check in on them anytime you want through a web-enabled cell phone. Enjoy your night out and relax.

Children’s Safety
Parents that work outside the home have enough stress on them as it is without worrying about the safety of their kids. With this system, cameras can be placed to watch your kids arrive home safely and lock the door behind them. Use multiple cameras in each area of your home to know when your kids get home from school, are doing their homework or having unexpected friends over.

Driveway Sensors
Want to know when someone pulls into your driveway? Get video and text messages each time a vehicle, or even a person, enters or exits your driveway.

Pool Safety
Receive a text and images when someone enters into the pool area. You can either have all notifications sent to you or just set certain times when the pool should be “closed,” like after dark.

Horse Stables – Riding and Stalls
Add cameras to individual stalls and provide clients with a password to log in and see their horses at any time. Set a camera in the indoor riding area to provide extra protection for riders, as well as help with any liability issues. Record who walks in and out of the facility and receive alerts on your mobile device.

Boat Docks
View your boat or set up alerts to be sent to you when someone gets close to your boat or other equipment.

Liquor, RX Cabinet or Gun Safe
Receive alerts if someone gets near a potentially dangerous situation. Great for homes with children.