Home Fire Protection

With monitored fire protection, Atronic Alarms installs smoke or heat sensors in your home as part of your security system that will notify the fire department immediately if triggered.

Monitored fire protection provides an extra layer of safety without increasing your monthly monitoring investment. [Read What is Monitoring?]

6 Reasons Why Monitored Fire Protection is so Important:

  1. With a monitored smoke detector, the fire department is immediately dispatched. These extra moments gained may make a huge difference with property damage or the loss of a loved one.
  2. Monitored fire protection protects your pets when you are not home. If you are working or running errands and a fire breaks out you can be assured that help is on its way.
  3. When smoke alarms fail to operate, it is usually because batteries are missing, disconnected or dead. Monitored hard-wired smoke detectors are tied into the alarm panel so they do not require battery replacement. If experiencing a power outage, the battery backup is in the alarm panel.
  4. The National Fire Prevention Association recommends interconnecting all smoke alarms throughout the home. When one sounds, they all sound.
  5. If smoke is detected with a hard-wired monitored smoke detector, the Atronic Alarms’ installed voice siren will alert you by loudly saying “Fire. Fire. Leave the Premises Immediately” instead of the usual alarm sound. This is also helpful with households that have children.
  6. Monitored fire protection usually provides an additional discount off of your home owners insurance policy. Contact your carrier for the specific amount.

Ionization and Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
There are two kinds of smoke detectors: Ionization and Photoelectric. Electricians install the ionization smoke detectors that tend to respond faster to the smoke produced by flaming fires. These detectors need to have their batteries replaced once a year and “tested” at least twice a year. They also “chirp” when the batteries are low.

Atronic Alarms installs photoelectric smoke detectors which tend to respond faster to the smoke produced by smoldering fires, the most common of household fires. Atronic Alarms’ installed smoke detectors can be monitored by the central monitoring station.

Atronic Alarms hardwired smoke detectors do not beep because their battery backup is in the security panel. They are also less prone to false alarms, or “nuisance” alarms.

It is best to have both types of smoke detectors installed in your home, but remember, only monitored fire detectors call for help.