What is a Smart Home?

Lifestyle convenience at a whole new level.

Home automation provides considerable lifestyle conveniences and energy savings for homeowners. It is the process of automating your environment to control lights, security, audio/video, locks, heating and cooling, appliances and communication.

Many manufacturers offer their form of a home automation security which gives you multiple options and price structures. Current technology offers interactive applications that allow people to manage their home remotely through their iPad, smart phone or computer.

Atronic supports several quality entry-level and high-end home automation products to provide you with the highest level of customization.

DMP iPhone Geofence APPExamples of what home automation can do for you:

  • Ever leave your garage door open on accident?  Home automation can auto close your garage doors at night at a time specified. It can also send an alert to your phone once you get a certain distance away, asking if you’d like to arm the security system and close the garage door.
  • Provide a “lived in” look when out of town by automating lights to turn on and off at a time specified.
  • Have pets? A light can come on for 10 minutes when you open the back door at night to let the dogs out.
  • Call up a list of “who” and “when” people have entered and exited the property. (Children, House Sitters, Guests, Nannys)
  • Receive alerts to your mobile phone, iPad or computer when someone has armed and disarmed the system.
  • Travel? Your thermostat can change temperatures when it detects you are a certain distance from your home. Your home automation system can manage energy consumption by automating thermostats.
  • Add a camera to the system and you can receive alerts on your mobile phone on who walked to your front door. Great for when you are expecting a delivery package.

Not only can home automation help save you money, it can improve your quality of life and help keep your home secure.

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Updated January 2021