What is Monitoring and How Does it Work?

A security and/or fire system is monitored when a remote central monitoring station receives signals from the panel after a device is breached.

For example, when your security system is armed and then violated, the siren(s) would sound and the control panel would send out a signal over your telephone line or other form of communication. The monitoring station receives the signal and the operator has information on his computer that tells where the alarm occurred and what action to take. This service dispatches the correct authorities to your property in the event of a break-in or fire. They also contact the responsible parties, notifying them of an alarm condition.

After a device is set off and the monitoring station is contacted, the operator will typically call the property phone number and then a mobile number on the emergency call information; if there is an answer, the operator would confirm that everything is okay and ask for a password. If no one answers or the incorrect password is given, the operator would dispatch the appropriate authorities. Then the operator would call the responsible parties on your call list to notify them of the alarm.

The importance of keeping your contact information up-to-date with us is critical. If you do not answer the phone when we call, or if we do not have the correct number, we will dispatch the proper authorities.