How Do Home Security Systems Work?

Connected to You 24-Hours a Day

A control panel, the “brains” of the system, is installed inside your home along with a keypad. Devices are mounted to secure doors, windows, and interior “space” that an intruder could enter. The system can be either hardwired or wireless.

If you have monitoring and the system is “armed” (meaning the proper code was entered into the keypad to turn the system on), it will send a signal to your central monitoring station if a device has been breached.

For example, if a window or door was opened (breaking the field) or a motion was activiated or a glass break detecter was set off, the monitoring station receives a signal.

The central monitoring station will immediately contact the first number on your call list for verification. If no one answers, the monitoring service will dispatch the local authorities. If someone does answer and gives the monitoring service the wrong password, the local authorities will be dispatched.

Different protocol can be set up depending upon the signal received. For example, If the signal breach is FIRE (meaning a smoke or heat detector was set off) Central Station immediately contacts the Fire Department first.