The Onsite Visit Process

The onsite visit at your home, office building, warehouse or etc. is required for the Atronic design consultant to get the correct assessment of your situation and security needs. Our experienced consultants will meet with you at your convenience, walk through the premises and discuss with you the best way to secure your family or your business assets.

This is one of the ways Atronic Alarms differs from other alarm companies: we don’t sell cookie-cutter alarm systems. Our systems are personalized; built around your lifestyle or work environment. This does several things:

It keeps the criminal element guessing

There are many national companies who sell packaged systems with the same equipment placed in the same place. This makes it easier for the “bad guys” to try and disarm the panel or avoid detection. Atronic Alarms mixes it up. Wireless? Hardwired? Glass Breaks? Motions? Panel in Basement? In Closet? Cellular Backup? We offer several layers of protection in our systems to keep the criminal element at bay.

It helps reduce false alarms

After the onsite visit we then understand your home life or your office / business environment and proceed to design a system that will fit in with your everyday life. Do you have a large dog roaming free in your house? You probably won’t want a motion detector that is not pet sensitive. Do you have a window in your laundry room? We may not place an audio (glass break) detector in the area. False alarms are a nuisance for everyone. We don’t want you to have them, plain and simple.

The staff at Atronic Alarms take their jobs very seriously. We are driven to keep you safe, and it starts with the onsite visit.