Case Study: JE Dunn Construction Company

JE Dunn Construction Company Case Study

JE Dunn Construction, a national construction company founded and operating in Kansas City, was experiencing multiple false alarms with their preexisting beam intrusion system at their fenced-in construction logistics facility. These logistic lots ship large construction equipment out to various job sites around the area, so perimeter security was top priority to prevent theft or vandalism. The police were receiving calls, almost nightly, due to a combination of prairie grass or trash blowing through the infrared beams, animals moving through the yard or the employees setting items in a beam’s path. Something different had to be done. Atronic Alarms’ design consultants Wes Cowsert and Rick Zink buckled in to come up with an ultimate solution. They wanted to build a sophisticated system that would center around motion activity with video verification and yet integrate into entry access so employees could easily arm and disarm the entire system.

Utilizing six Honeywell outdoor wireless motion sensors, the team designed a portable custom mounting application for each device that gave the client flexibility to move units around to important areas as needed. Four Panasonic outdoor PTZ cameras were installed along with a Honeywell Security and Fire control panel. A relay module was used which provided the ability to trip each output for the new Panasonic NVR, per preset, per camera.
This created the cause and effect that as a device was tripped, one of the cameras would immediately move to the specific preset where the motion was activated. A live video feed that streams to the monitoring station would alert monitoring personnel who, using the IMMEX software by Bold Technologies, would determine if an intruder had entered the perimeter. Monitoring personnel also had remote access to the cameras with the ability to move them for a better view of the situation, allowing them to determine if the signal was false or if the proper authorities should be called.

In addition, the Bosch Easy Access controller was installed with two card readers: one on the outside of the gate so people entering into the lot must present their card to open the gate, and the other reader sat directly inside the gate so people passing through were required to enter their card a second time, disengaging the lot security. A solid red light was installed on the outside of the building, lighting up to show when the yard was armed. The system was also partitioned to allow the outside lot to disarm while the building remained secure. This gave people flexibility to work outside but keep the building armed, or visa versa. When people exited the yard, they would present their card once and the gate would open.

The Honeywell’s Total Connect service was implemented allowing JE Dunn’s authorized personnel to access the system through any web-enable device, like a smart phone or iPad, so that they could arm or disarm the system, open the gate and view a history of activity. Employees could also view cameras through the phone app, IP Cam View, as well as through a web browser on a desktop.

One of the more challenging aspects of the design was the importance of installing the cameras with precision to cover every square inch of the buildings and to capture all motion in a restricted area or after hours. It was also important to provide portable motions so that the employees would be able to move them throughout the yard if needed, resetting presets to trigger an alarm event.

After the Kansas City site was finished, Atronic traveled south to one of JE Dunn’s logistic sites in Winder, Georgia and, in about 10 days, created a similar version of this system. When finalized, both JE Dunn Logistic’s facilities were properly equipped to allow employees to check in on the status of the location 24 hours a day and provide video monitoring verification which eliminated their false alarms.

Integrated Systems:
Perimeter Protection, IP Cameras, Camera Apps, Access Control and Video Monitoring

Manufacturer’s Used:
Honeywell, Panasonic and Bosch