Case Study: Gardner Energy, Kansas

Gardner Energy, an electric utility company serving the 18,000 plus residents of Gardner, Kansas, runs three energy substations within five miles of each other to power the entire community. After an episode where vandals entered the premises after hours and damaged the control boxes, Darrin McNew, electric operations supervisor, met with Wes Cowsert of Atronic Alarms.

As a six year design consultant for Atronic, Wes knew immediately that IP video analytics would be the perfect solution to their problem.

Video analytics are “smart” cameras that have the technology to distinguish between people, animals and vehicles which helps eliminate false alarms. About a third of the cost of a full-time guard service, video analytics provides 24-hour protection without hiring extra personnel or investing in recording equipment.

Atronic Alarms installed two wireless video analytic IP cameras at each substation which monitors all activity. Police are dispatched after verification that an intruder or vehicle may be trespassing.


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