Case Study: Downtown Marriott and Meuhelbach Hotels


Kevin Pistilli, President of the Raphael Hotel Group in Kansas City who manages the Kansas City Downtown Marriott, decided it was time to expand the camera security system in the two hotel towers, but it was imperative for the group that they not lose their investment in the existing analog application.

He placed a call to Perry Atha, long-time acquaintance and President of Atronic Alarms, who had installed the first system back in the 90s, and asked Atha if he wanted to bid on expanding the cameras with new technology and features.

The existing system consisted of 48 analog cameras in what Pistilli refers to as “The Marriott Tower” and the “Muehelbach Tower.” The Muehelbach, built in 1915 and known as Kansas City’s “Hotel of Presidents” was newly renovated in 1997 by restoring certain areas of the historic building and constructing a new section to include 410 additional rooms. The Marriott Tower sits directly across a busy street from The Muehelbach and is connected by a glass skywalk.

The Challenge:

How to incorporate the existing analog cameras, still provide one area for viewing, set up different areas of restriction, utilize newer, IP technology as a platform and retrofit up to 68 new cameras without disturbing the beauty and day-to-day business of the most renowned hotel in Kansas City.

The Solution:

Since Atronic Alarms was a Panasonic I-Pro dealer, Wes Cowsert, one of Atronic’s Design Consultants and certified in the I-Pro product, thought it was a suiting fit to mix Panasonic’s Analog and IP cameras into one Hybrid system, tie the network together through the fiber link that had already been run between the two hotels and create an IP infrastructure so any additional cameras could be added easily. It sets up a highly flexible security foundation that can be expanded upon in the future.

Cowsert and Atha consulted with the Panasonic home office to create the first Hybrid camera system in the area that was supported by the PMPU1000 system management server. This server is Linux based and includes both analog and IP device capability. It supports up to 1024 alarms inputs and various alarm source type and management and event scheduling.

This new system sets up the foundation for future integration. Atronic also utilized unauthorized access alerts for restricted areas of the buildings: if someone enters into areas of the hotels that he or she shouldn’t be, the system immediately pulls up on monitor so the security personnel can track the activity.