Video Surveillance, CCTV for Your Office or Building

Video security surveillance systems help protect your property, your people and your assets from vandalism or other wrong-doing. It can also verify and provide evidence that an actual break-in is occurring. Whether it is a single camera you need or a complex, multiple integrated network, there is a camera solution that will fit your needs.

There are two main types of camera systems: Analog and Digital. Analog cameras convert signals into a format that can be received by a television, VCR or monitor and is the long-established standard in video surveillance.

Digital cameras, called IP (Internet Protocol) Network Cameras, are rapidly becoming the mainstream as they digitize the video signal and provide people with images not only through their existing networks but through web browsers that can be accessed through the Internet. They also make up video monitoring systems when you want a central monitoring station to assess your situation.

Both camera systems have their place in video surveillance. Combining cameras surveillance with access control and other security features, like motion detectors, glass break detectors and panic buttons, can provide your building layers of security giving you maximum protection.

Be in Two Places at Once
With an IP camera system you can view your office over the Internet, on your phone or computer . . . from anywhere in the world.