What About False Alarms?

We Don’t Like False Alarms, Either.

The staff at Atronic Alarms is dedicated to eliminating false alarms. We are members of FARA (False Alarm Reduction Association) and in Spring 2009, Atronic Alarms was awarded with the nationally acclaimed Police Dispatch Quality Award (PDQ). This award is presented to a security company each year who exemplify an all out effort to reduce false alarms from implementing ECV to utilizing ANSI CP-01 compliant control panels, training customers and working closely with law enforcement.

There are many ways a security company can assist in false alarm reduction. Atronic Alarms custom designs each system for your business, taking your security needs into consideration every time. This reduces the chance for false alarms due to day-to-day business operations. 

Atronic also provides onsite training from the Quality Assurance Department to assure that employees or other occupants are familiar with operating the security system before it is placed online with the local central monitoring station. Atronic uses high quality equipment that has been field tested by professionals who have been trained and certified by each manufacturer.

Using the customized system design, the best technologies and providing quality installations and personalized training has drastically reduced the number of false alarms for Atronic’s clientele.


City ordinances consider the alarm “false” when the police or fire department is dispatched and there is no emergency. Fines may be assessed.