Atronic Alarms Kansas City - Photo by Duane Hallock

Winter 2016-2017 – Get to Know Us at Atronic Alarms

Learn more about the people who work hard for you here at Atronic Alarms, Inc. with this fun question-and-answer interview highlighting different people each quarter. This quarter features Curtis Mayes, Installation Manager.

Curtis MayesMeet Curtis Mayes, Installation Manager

What is your favorite color? Red or Blue. Depends on the sporting season.

What is one of the best moments you have of your life so far? When my babies were born.

Fruit or Veggies?  Veggies.

Chiefs, Royals, T-Bones or Sporting KC? Chiefs and Royals.

What is the best thing you like about your job? I like to see things come together and see completed projects.  I have a great team, and I enjoy seeing them work together to meet any goal or deadline that arises. I also like knowing that we provide our customers with great solutions that can make their lives easier, and protect their families and/or employees.

Favorite month of the year? July.

Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Why?  Depends on the situation, outside of work I just like to sit back and go with the flow.  At work however, I step in and take control as needed based on the situation.

Hobbies outside of work? Working on cars, electronics, and hanging out with my family.