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2016 Spring Safety Tips

Prepare for Spring Storms

Kansas and Missouri weather creates spring storms that sometimes roll in fast and with fury. Keep flashlights and extra batteries in the area you designate for shelter during storm warnings. Go over drills with your family members so that the safety protocol is fresh in their minds and everyone knows what to do.

Stay Aware When Out and About

As the weather turns nice, many people use it as an opportunity to shake the winter doldrums and get out of the house to shop, meet friends for lunch and attend citywide events. Remember to always keep your head up and move briskly when walking back alone to your car. Make eye contact with people and be aware of those around you. If someone asks for help in the parking lot, let them know you will find a security officer to assist them.

Don’t be a Walking Billboard

We know you love sharing things with your social media friends and followers, but remember that bad guys are online, too. Post your vacation photos and talk about your trip after you return, not before. You don’t want to announce to friends-of-friends-of-friends that your house will be empty for a week.

Watch the Road

Motorcyclists and bicyclists are out on the roads enjoying the nice weather and can easily be missed while you are in your car driving. Check twice before you turn either direction from a stop sign or across traffic, and do the same with your side and rearview mirrors when riding in traffic.

Don’t Fall Prey to Scams

We have alerted as many people as we can about the new phone scam hitting the area, targeting security alarm homeowners. But the bottom line is – scammers and unethical sales people have always been around. Just be aware that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Do NOT provide personal information to callers, door-to-door sales people or emails asking to update your information, especially if you have doubt about the nature of the call.

Use Your Home Security System and Show Your Signs of Defense

Even when you leave for a short time, lock your doors and set your alarm.  Also, make sure your Atronic Alarms, Inc. signs and stickers are visible from the street. Need new ones? Give us a call at 913.362.0000 and we’ll drop them off when we are in your area on service calls.



5 Fall Safety Tips for 2015

Seasons in Kansas City are changing and we want to remind you of some important fall safety tips to help keep your home secure.

5 Fall Safety Tips:

  1. Change the batteries in your electrican-installed smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other wireless life-saving devices.
  2. Contact us today at 913.362.0000 to update your emergency call list. If we cannot reach you in the event of an alarm, false-alarm fees may be incurred.
  3. Start preparing for cooler weather by hiring a qualified professional to clean chimneys and check for creosote buildup.
  4. Keep your doors locked and use your security system. Burglaries are at their highest during the summer and fall months.
  5. Did you leave your garage door open all night after your fall cleaning? Contact us at 913.362.0000 for information about security devices that automate garage doors to open and close at specific times during the day. No more worrying about forgetting to shut the garage doors!

Atronic Alarms Marks 30th Anniversary as Leading Security Provider

LENEXA, KANSAS—April 24, 2012—Atronic Alarms, Inc., one of the leading security, fire and home automation systems providers in Kansas, has marked its 30th year in business.

Founded in 1982 by Perry D. Atha, a fourth-generation Kansas City resident, the company has grown from a small local alarm provider to one of the largest security integrators in the region, employing 31 staffers and serving thousands of commercial and residential customers.

“This incredible milestone never could have been realized without the dedication of our amazing employees,” Atha said. “Their hard work and professionalism have helped us grow into one of the most respected and forward-thinking companies in the industry.”

Looking ahead, Atha sees a variety of opportunities for the company he began three decades ago. “While the struggling economy has created challenges for us in the consumer market, we have offset that through increased demand for our customized commercial solutions, such as utilizing video analytics to monitor power stations, indoor retail spaces and outdoor equipment lots.”

He notes that Atronic is at the forefront of the implementation of fully integrated, applications that allow clients to remotely manage their systems through their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Atronic Alarms is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including a 2004 “Dealer of the Year” award by SDM Magazine, as well as a 2010 “Best Companies to Work For” by Ingram’s magazine. The company also has been recognized for its assistance in protecting abuse victims through its work with the non-profit Kansas City Domestic Violence Protection Services Agency.

“We look forward to many more decades of serving our community, protecting our clients and fostering a great work environment for our employees,” Atha said.

Five Reasons to Invest in a Monitored Security and Fire System

If someone breaks into your home, alarms will sound to scare off the intruder as the monitoring station is contacted. After an initial call is placed to the location, the police are dispatched.

If your kids are coming home to an empty house, how nice would it be to know the proper authorities would be contacted if something happens? Additionally, many systems now have the option to view your home over a secure Internet connect with IP cameras so you can check in on your kids at any time.

A monitored fire system provides 24-hour protection even when the system is disarmed. The fire department is dispatched immediately if a signal is sent, which helps protect your pets and your home’s assets while you are away. A fire can get out of control in minutes, and immediate notification of the proper authorities may make all the difference between rescue and drastic loss.

“Ninety percent of your life and your survival come down to the small choices you make . . . Did you check the air pressure in your tires? Did you replace the batteries in your smoke detector?”
Author Ben Sherwood’s recounting of Sam Dunn’s experience in The Survivors Club

It is obviously a benefit to the insurance companies if a home is protected from fire and theft. Most providers offer discounts off your homeowner’s insurance for monitored security and fire protection.

Did you know that many systems have the ability to alert you to environmental changes in your home when you are not there? For example, if water is detected in your basement, if the temperature in your house is too low or if carbon monoxide is present.

Your Fire System is Always “Armed”

Did you know that if maintained and in good working order, your monitored fire system from Atronic Alarms is always on? Our monitoring station will receive signals 24/7/365 from your smoke and heat detectors whether you security system is armed or disarmed.

This is great news for you because it provides your family and your business with that extra layer of protection from fire related occurrences even if your security system is not armed. However, it is easy for people to forget due to the arming and disarming at the keypad and the mental thought that their entire system is “off,” and we find that many false alarms occur as a result.

When you are cleaning your fire devices, or even cleaning around them, or when you are seasonally changing out the batteries in your wireless devices, please contact us to place your system on “test” before you begin. Most fire devices are highly sensitive due to their life safety status and are easily tripped if disturbed.

The “test” status for monitoring purposes means that any signal we receive during this time will be ignored. (To place your system on “test,” you must provide us with your password.)

In fact, it is just good practice to contact us anytime you are working on your alarm system in general, whether it is changing the battery in the alarm panel, testing security devices or working around the wiring. Our job is to give you the highest level of security possible and the more you communicate with us the better service we can provide.

To contact us call 913.362.0000. For more information on the benefits of monitored fire systems, visit the Atronic Alarms website.

Note: Panel must be able to communicate and in good working order for all signals to be received at our monitoring station.

How to Protect Yourself Against Bank Fraud

As the blogger at Atronic Alarms I research many facts and figures about safety protocol and procedures. Normally this research is conducted through conversations with local authorities, alarm companies or going online for extensive Internet searching.

This post, however, is coming from first hand, personal experience.

Bank fraud. It happened. Over the weekend there were four transactions to my personal account totaling $600.00.

I had first caught it on Sunday and on Monday I called the bank. I was relieved to hear that I was covered by Fraud Protection, a service they offer that “watches” accounts and flags anything out of the ordinary. They had me scheduled to be called that day because they had noticed many unusual transactions. After filling out some paperwork, canceling and reinstating the debit card, no money was lost.

“The company we use has lists of “fraudulent” organizations and will notice them immediately if one appears as a withdrawal. They will contact you to verify you did not authorize the transaction.”
First Option Bank, Louisburg, KS

Talking with the bank, as well as extensively with the company, Fraud Prevention Services in North Dakota, it was clear that this kind of thing happens ALL OF THE TIME. In order to protect yourself from bank fraud, follow these simple rules:

1. Check with your bank to understand their procedures of fraud protection. Make sure your bank offers this service on debit card transactions.
2. Update your contact information with the bank. When fraud is detected, the company will contact you to verify the wrong-doing so it can be stopped from going through your account.
3. Check over your bank transactions at least once a week. Many banks offer the online service so you can log into your account easily and see all withdrawals. I noticed the post description, didn’t recognize it, Googled the company name and found it to be a company in France.
4. Don’t hand over your credit/debit card to waiters or other cashiers who leave and return. During this time they can write down the information, including your pin numbers on the back. Eat out a lot? Pay with cash.
5. Don’t ever respond to emails or phone calls from what appears to be your bank asking for you to “update” personal information like bank account number, social security or maiden names. Banks do not update their information through this way.

In the end it was a fantastic learning opportunity. My bank has a safety net. Does yours?


Summer Safety for Kids

Most kids are excited to get out of school for the summer so they can sleep in, play video games, read books, play outdoors, invite friends over and duck the torment their parents give them about cleaning their room and doing chores.

It is important to remember that since children are home, safety dynamics have changed. More frequent running in and out of the house means you will probably arm and disarm your system differently. You may want to add different codes or users. If this is the case, please contactAtronic Alarms so we can let Alarm Central update their call and user list.

Most cell phones have the ability to turn on a GPS tracking system. This may come in handy during the summer months if your kids are old enough to drive. It is usually just an extra monthly charge from your mobile provider and can be used in case of an emergency.

If you work out of the home and your teens are in and out, you may want to think about investing in a economical video monitoring system that will allow you to keep track of them through mobile phone and computer video alerts. The system is perfect for those summer times where a little extra activity in the house doesn’t have to mean any less safety.

Atronic wishes everyone a safe summer.


Neighborhood Watch

This month, a group of people in a small town outside Kansas City began tallying up recent break-ins that seemed to be centrally located and targeting farm houses and out buildings. With more than eight burglaries in two months, the word spread and residents were on high alert. Suspicious looking vehicles were noted and discussed among the neighbors; emails sent. Two days ago, an email was sent out about an arrest that had been made as a result of one neighbor’s phone call.

Whether or not this is the alleged robber who had been breaking into homes and barns at night or whether the arrest is something unrelated is yet to be known. What has come from this, however, is that it took a community of people to keep their eyes open and call in the suspicious car. This type of community watch adds an extra layer of security to the residents of the area.

The National Sheriffs’ Association started the Neighborhood Watch program in 1972 to pull citizens and local crime officials together in an effort to keep neighborhood’s safe. Presently, Neighborhood Watch signs are seen all over the Kansas City area.

If you and your neighbors are interested in setting up a “watch” program, there are many resources on the Internet now that can assist you through the steps. A few are noted below:

  • You will need a map of the neighborhood with names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Utilize your teens in the neighborhood. They can be a great source and it will give them a feeling of responsibility.
  • Get a crime prevention officer to discuss crime issues in area.
  • Create a list of what initially needs to be addressed in your neighborhood.
  • Obtain facts about the crime in your neighborhood through police reports and newspapers.