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AlertID Website – An Online Neighborhood Watch Community

Alertid.com for Arizona
This is a screen shot of the activity you can find on Alertid.com. We showcased the Arizona area, and you can see the comments and feedback on what people consider concerning in this particular neighborhood. Once someone enters a comment, an email is sent to your inbox (if you set the preferences correctly) to notify you of a discussion topic.

Late last year, Atronic Alarms posted a tip about a free, online neighborhood watch website called AlertID.com. Several of our staff members created profiles and signed into their home neighborhoods to check out how often alerts are sent, and if the website performs as promised.

The overall consensus is that this is a wonderful free tool for busy people to take part in protecting their neighborhoods. Not only does it send out police report alerts to your email of activity in  your specific neighborhood, but it provides an online chat forum for residents to share their experiences, and gives you an opportunity to add as many different “neighborhoods” you want to take part of . . . a great tool for families spread out across the city or the United States.

“AlertID is transforming public safety across the country and has proven to help reduce crime. AlertID uses proven technology to help citizens and federal, state, and local authorities share information about crime, terrorism, natural disasters, missing children and severe weather, among many others, that can threaten the safety of families and neighborhoods.” AlertID.com website.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, Neighborhood watch programs have been traced back to colonial days, when night watchman would patrol the streets. It is officially sponsored by the National Sheriff’s Association and empowers citizens to take an offensive stance against crime.

AlertID.com is an Internet driven / online social networking concept of the Neighborhood Watch program. It integrates with Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD) systems of thousands of local law enforcement agencies to deliver local (and national) crime information. One of the drawbacks of AlertID.com is that in smaller community law enforcement may not be part of this CAD system, therefore, crime alerts will not be posted for that area.

AlertID.com also has a Pet Alert that connects missing pets with their owners.

Meet the founder, Keli Wilson, AlertID.com

Useful Items For Spring’s Volatile Weather

Every spring season we remind people about water detectors that can be added to an existing alarm system to protect basements or other areas against water damage. These waterbugs can be set up near a sump pump and alert the monitoring station if they detect water.

Usually when the snows are melting and the spring rains set in, basements, wine cellars or other low lying areas are prone to flooding. Over the years water bugs have saved our clients thousands of dollars in water damage, and in some cases insurance companies will offer discounts if this device is part of your monitored security system.

And here’s the good news: Your monitoring with Atronic Alarms will not increase.

Another item we thought was interesting to note can help relay information to you during a tornado warning or other violent storm. Rick Zink, one of the commercial design consultants at Atronic Alarms, said that last year his daughter huddled in a stairway with other coworkers when the tornado warning sirens went off in Overland Park. They sat in the stairwell for a very long time, not knowing when it was safe to come out. After that, Rick took it upon himself to find a radio App for cell phones that would broadcast local information. He choose TuneIn Radio Pro which can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod or iPad as can also be found on the Android Market. He said that with the TuneIn Radio App you can listen to any station in the world.

Atronic Alarms can also provide tornado warning security applications for commercial buildings by installing a mushroom button (not mushroom cloud) near the reception area that, when pushed, will sound a siren with a recorded message alerting people in the building to head to safety.

Atronic’s Favorite Mobile Apps

How many apps do you have downloaded on your iPhone, iPad, Droid or other Internet enabled smart phones? Which ones are your favorite? With thousands of Apps to choose from it might be a daunting task to start, so that is why we came up with a list of Apps we like here at the office.

Curtis Mayes, Installation Manager at Atronic Alarms, says his most valuable apps on his phone include Snaplink for his alarm system, Nviewer for his cameras, his Email app, and Facebook.  He also uses IP Cam Viewer to check his staff in the office when he is not there. His fun app? Drag Racing.

Rick Zink, Commercial Design Consultant, has over 582 apps on his iPhone, and says that he couldn’t live without Dropbox, a cloud-based app that allows him to access documents from multiple computers; Geomeasure, which gives him the ability to measure a building in seconds; iReconcile, a checkbook, accounting app and Redlazor, a barcode app. Then there is of course Google, which is pretty standard on most phones. (His fun app? Too many to list!)

Alysia LaRock, Marketing and Sales Support, said that she likes Facebook, PinInterest and Redbox, and also uses her Email App, Alarmnet and Total Connect for her home’s security.

Jason Rothrove, Design Consultant, says that his “must have” app is Email. He also likes Craigslist.

Other popular Apps for Atronic employees include IC Realtime, which allows you to access and control IC cameras from your iPad or iPhone, and the H@me app for the HAI Home Automation System. There is also Weatherbug, Google Sky, Pandora Radio, Twitter and LinkedIn.