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Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0

Total Connect 2.0 is Honeywell’s newest solution for home and business owners to have mobile and web access to monitor security, lighting, HVAC and video.

With hardwired or wireless IP cameras and access to the Internet through a smart phone, iPad or computer, Total Connect users can check in with family or employees from anywhere in the world.

The upgraded product utilizes many of the same functions of the older version but has an enhanced graphic interface, which makes it easier to track and manage your environment.

  • Know when your children get home from school or if they haven’t arrived home by a specific time.
  • Know if an elderly relative has left the premises, pressed a panic pendant or summoned emergency help.
  • Receive an alert when the security system has been armed or disarmed.
    Find out when a liquor cabinet or safe has been opened.
  • Receive an alert if motion is sensed in a protected area indoors or outdoors.
  • Be alerted when flood or extreme temperatures have been detected.
  • Know if valuable objects like flat screen televisions, paintings, heirlooms, computers or office equipment are moved.

Total Connect 2.0 works with most of the Honeywell security control panels.

Monitoring Your Alarm System without a Phone Line

Most security systems use telephone based monitoring. However, security manufacturers and central monitoring stations have been slowly evolving their products and services to prepare for the digital and Internet age. Now there are several options available for alarm system monitoring if you are thinking about disconnecting your home phone line.

Global System for Mobile Communication Unit (GSM)
The GSM unit uses a dedicated wireless connection that is completely independent of other communication networks.

The Internet
Many of the newer alarm panels are equipped with Internet Protocol (IP) technology which will allow monitoring over the Internet. One of the benefits of Internet monitoring is the ability to view your activity online. Additional services offer interactive features like the ability to adjust your thermostats, switch lights on and off or view your home online with IP cameras.

For more information on alarm system monitoring without phone lines contact an Atronic Alarms sales associate at 913.362.0000.

Types of Cameras for Home or Business Surveillance

There are many camera types to consider for indoors and out for your home or business surveillance system. Below is an example of each.

Dome or Mini-Dome Cameras
Dome cameras are usually used when discreet applications are required. The actual lens is obscured from an onlooker’s view and is more tamper resistant than other cameras.

Bullet Cameras
Bullet cameras are NOT named “Bullet” because they are bullet proof. They are named “Bullet” because of their size. They are small and can be adjusted easily. Some come with infrared lighting, and they can be used indoors and out.

Box Cameras
Box cameras are comprised of the camera body, lens and power supply. Each can be custom designed to meet your needs. They can either be an IP camera or analog.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras (PTZ)
Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras are very versatile. They can move left and right, tilt up and down, rotate 360 degrees, and zoom in or out to get the perfect view of the scene.PTZs are operated by the end user with a joystick or on the computer with navigation keys.