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Atronic’s Favorite Mobile Apps

How many apps do you have downloaded on your iPhone, iPad, Droid or other Internet enabled smart phones? Which ones are your favorite? With thousands of Apps to choose from it might be a daunting task to start, so that is why we came up with a list of Apps we like here at the office.

Curtis Mayes, Installation Manager at Atronic Alarms, says his most valuable apps on his phone include Snaplink for his alarm system, Nviewer for his cameras, his Email app, and Facebook.  He also uses IP Cam Viewer to check his staff in the office when he is not there. His fun app? Drag Racing.

Rick Zink, Commercial Design Consultant, has over 582 apps on his iPhone, and says that he couldn’t live without Dropbox, a cloud-based app that allows him to access documents from multiple computers; Geomeasure, which gives him the ability to measure a building in seconds; iReconcile, a checkbook, accounting app and Redlazor, a barcode app. Then there is of course Google, which is pretty standard on most phones. (His fun app? Too many to list!)

Alysia LaRock, Marketing and Sales Support, said that she likes Facebook, PinInterest and Redbox, and also uses her Email App, Alarmnet and Total Connect for her home’s security.

Jason Rothrove, Design Consultant, says that his “must have” app is Email. He also likes Craigslist.

Other popular Apps for Atronic employees include IC Realtime, which allows you to access and control IC cameras from your iPad or iPhone, and the H@me app for the HAI Home Automation System. There is also Weatherbug, Google Sky, Pandora Radio, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0

Total Connect 2.0 is Honeywell’s newest solution for home and business owners to have mobile and web access to monitor security, lighting, HVAC and video.

With hardwired or wireless IP cameras and access to the Internet through a smart phone, iPad or computer, Total Connect users can check in with family or employees from anywhere in the world.

The upgraded product utilizes many of the same functions of the older version but has an enhanced graphic interface, which makes it easier to track and manage your environment.

  • Know when your children get home from school or if they haven’t arrived home by a specific time.
  • Know if an elderly relative has left the premises, pressed a panic pendant or summoned emergency help.
  • Receive an alert when the security system has been armed or disarmed.
    Find out when a liquor cabinet or safe has been opened.
  • Receive an alert if motion is sensed in a protected area indoors or outdoors.
  • Be alerted when flood or extreme temperatures have been detected.
  • Know if valuable objects like flat screen televisions, paintings, heirlooms, computers or office equipment are moved.

Total Connect 2.0 works with most of the Honeywell security control panels.