Matt Happle, Installation Supervisor, Springfield MO

Matt HappleMatt Happle was named Employee of the 2019 Spring Quarter at the Springfield branch.

This might be Matt’s first year with Atronic Alarms since the acquisition of ADSI last year, but he is entering his 19th year with the Springfield branch.

“We are grateful Matt chose to work with us way back then,” said Scott Pierce, Operations Manager. “He became an integral member of our team.”

During his years he demonstrated remarkable abilities to problem solve, master new technologies and systems, and provide outstanding support.

“He takes great pride in his work, and with good reason. He’s dedicated, and goes the extra mile to ensure our success,” said Scott.

Fun facts about Matt:

    1. What are your job duties? I help the install techs with install jobs and make sure they have what they need, and assist the office and service techs.
    2. What are some of the best moments of your life so far? Meeting my partner in crime (girlfriend of 15 years).
    3. Favorite month of the year? I don’t really have a favorite month, I guess I prefer when the weather is nice, like spring.
    4. What is the best thing you like about your job? Each day is something a little different.
    5. Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? I think right in the middle. I like to keep to myself but can cause “trouble” when I need to!
    6. What are your hobbies outside of work? Watching movies, driving around on a nice day, and barbecue.