Jeff Homes, Service Manager

Jeff HolmesJeff Holmes was named Employee of the 2019 Spring Quarter at the Kansas City branch.

Jeff has worked with the company since 2017 as a senior technician in the service department. Update: In November of 2019 he was promoted to Service Manager.

“Jeff takes pride in all aspects of his work,” said Mike McMillin, Service Manager. Update: Mike is now Fire Manager. “He receives numerous customer compliments for the work he’s performed. He will take on new challenges that test his ability and will find a way to make it happen.”

Another voter said, “He has great customer service skills and a lot of the customers make specific requests for him.”

Fun facts about Jeff:

  1. Job Duties:  I service residential and commercial properties for intrusion, card access, and camera systems.
  2. Best moments of my life so far:  The birth of each of my children, and the pleasure of watching them grow into responsible adults.
  3. Favorite thing about Kansas City: The people!  We have a wide verity of culture, melting into that Midwest friendly feel.  You can’t bumped into anyone without an “ope” sorry about that!
  4. Best thing about my job: It’s a toss up between interacting with our client base and problem solving.
  5. Funniest thing that happened to me at work:  I can’t say it’s a specific moment, as much as a collective.  I have great technician’s I work with and they keep the job light and entertaining.
  6. Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Introverted while I’m learning new tasks.  Extroverted when I’ve accomplished them!
  7. Hobbies outside of work: Family time!!! Camping, biking, swimming, hiking . . . and an unhealthy love for the automobile!
  8. What do most people NOT know about you? I hear I’m intimidating due to my size and a heavy beard I’ve grown accustomed to.  But the truth is, I’m probably more afraid of you!