George Echohawk, IT and Sales Support

Get to Know George Echohawk.

“At Atronic Alarms, my experience in commercial security systems since 1981 allows me to help others clarify their goals and focus on real solutions. Essentially I enjoy helping both customers and coworkers see their problems clearly and then finding a reasonable solution for them. A key part of this collaboration is communicating on a level that is comfortable for all parties. To get this comfort level, I try to always use my background in engineering, theater and education to work toward the best answers for the customer and the company.” – George Echohawk

George says that his wedding day was one of the best moments of his life. “It’s a milestone on a journey with wonderful plans for a future together. There’s nothing but joy and great possibilities.”

George’s hobbies outside of work include bicycling, karaoke, computers and photography. He considers himself an introvert, although “I love traveling and enjoying new experiences, I don’t like to impose myself on other people so I guess I would be an Introvert. I prefer to listen to what others have to say and observe what they do. I’ve found it’s the best way to learn about and understand the world.”

When asked what the funniest thing that has happened to him at work, he responded,   “One of my jobs during college was at a Radio Shack as a salesman.  On my first day I was encouraged to help a customer known by everyone else as a character.  I asked to help him and he wanted to see an 8 track player for his car.  (Is my age showing?)  I showed him a mid-range model and demonstrated the button to change tracks.  He asked how many tracks there were and I told him there were four stereo tracks.  Then he asked which one was the best!?!… I was stymied.  ‘I guess it depends on the music.’  He left saying ‘I’ll think about it’ and there was laughter behind the counter.”

What do most people NOT know about George? 
“I was an actor in the early 70’s and performed in London UK as well as making a brief appearance in a movie with Warren Beatty, Michelle Pfeifer, and Harry Dean Stanton.  Sadly, there’s no money in it for the little guy.”