Daniel Aswegan, Installation Technician

Daniel Aswegan“My passion for completing a hard days work and my education in electronics and technology has launched a great career with Atronic Alarms, Inc. I have the opportunity to work in the commercial field with fantastic and knowledgeable coworkers who have no limit to making sure that we all succeed and learn together. Atronic Alarms, Inc. has been a great place for me to grow professionally in the technology field.”

Daniel Aswegan was named Employee of the Quarter for the 2018/2019 Winter Season

“Daniel is a hard-working, driven team member,” said Curtis Mayes, Installation Manager. “He has excellent attention to detail, goes above and beyond to take care of our clients, and always has a positive attitude.”

Employees are chosen by their peers at their branch after a company-wide vote.

Another voter said, “No matter what the situation is, he will always take care of the client. He will find a way to get it done correctly.”

Other fun facts about Daniel:

1. I’m a commercial security and surveillance technician.
2. The best moments of my life so far is working with my buddy, Brent.
3. One of my favorite things about Kansas City is that great Bar-B-Que is always close by.
4. One of the best things I like about my job is my co-workers are the best that anybody could ask for.
6. Some of my hobbies outside of work are building and fly RC airplanes, helicopters and such.
7. What do most people NOT know about me? I’m afraid of ladybugs.