Angie Chamberlain, Programming and Technical Support

Angie ChamberlainAngie came to the company in 2017 with a strong customer service background.

Angie was chosen as the Winter 2017/2018 Employee of the Quarter. 

“Since joining our team she has worked hard to learn the alarm industry,” said Mike McMillin, Service Manager. “She has completed many online courses for the equipment we service,  has taken this knowledge and directly applied it to helping our customers.”

Many of the voters felt the same way. “She is a hard worker and strives to take care of the customers,” one said. Another mentioned her “great attitude,” and yet another mentioned her dedication to the job.

“She has stepped up to learn her position well by asking the right questions and paying close attention to detail,” said Alysia Bianco, Office Manager.

Angie said she was surprised by the recognition.

“Thank you everyone for the kind words,” she said. “I was not expecting this.”

Other voters said:

“Angie has proven herself to be highly dedicated to her job. Her ability for maintaining a high level of detail to every aspect makes her an exceptional employee.”

“She has dedicated time to go above and beyond by receiving additional product training to improve her daily functions. Very impressive! Her dedication and desire to constantly improve her skills should be an example to all of us.”