Not So Home Alone

Not-So Home Alone

Welcome to the not-so home alone era.

It used to be that when school children were home alone after school due to both parents working, they were considered “latch key” kids. However, thanks to current “smart home” technology, children may still be home alone, but they no longer have to carry actual keys, and parents have the ability to “check in” on them whenever possible.

Instead of handing over keys, parents simply provide codes for their children to access secure doors, garages or security panels. By using a phone or laptop, parents in a remote location can easily view all activity surrounding the home, depending upon how you program your system.

For example, the system can alert you when certain areas of the home are accessed. You can program it to send a notification when the front door is opened, which signals your child is home from school. It also sends alerts when off-limit areas, such as rooms containing fire arms or liquor, are breached.

And there are temporary codes you can share with the babysitter so that you don’t give out your favorite password. Pair that with affordable video cameras and now you have set up your own “nanny cam” studio. Watch from your phone, tablet or desktop what happens in your home after school.

With the advent of smart home technology, providing children with secure access to a protected home has never been easier. While a smart home should never be used as a babysitter, it lends a sense of comfort to both those at home and away from home when there are no other options.

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