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Atronic Alarms Touchless Keypad

Touchless Keypad

Touchless Keypad and Prox KeySanitary. Safe. Secure.

Now more than ever people are working together to create a more sanitary environment to keep family, customers, and employees safe. Atronic Alarms offers a touchless keypad to help avoid multiple people from touching the same surface.

Our graphic touchscreen keypads allow you to arm or disarm your system without touching the screen or buttons to enter your code. Just present your proximity credential to the keypad and eliminate risk.

Provide a credential to anyone who has access to your keypad: employees, baby-sitters, after-hour cleaning services, caregivers  . . . anyone you authorize.

Keyless Entry CredentialsCredentials are available in a variety of styles to fit your needs.

Key Fob: Clips to a key chain or lanyard. LED confirms button presses. Also works as a panic button.

Prox Patch: Attaches firmly to a cellphone, pager or car remote. Ultra-thin so you’ll barely notice it is there.

Prox Card: Thin yet durable polycarbonate design the size of a credit card. Customizable with graphics or photo.

Prox Key: Small and convenient key-size design is always there when you need it on your key ring.

For more information and a free consultation, please contact the office nearest you:

Kansas City: 913.362.0000
Omaha: 402.895.1800
Springfield: 417.883.6254

Not So Home Alone

Not-So Home Alone

Welcome to the not-so home alone era.

It used to be that when school children were home alone after school due to both parents working, they were considered “latch key” kids. However, thanks to current “smart home” technology, children may still be home alone, but they no longer have to carry actual keys, and parents have the ability to “check in” on them whenever possible.

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