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Monitoring Your Alarm System without a Phone Line

Most security systems use telephone based monitoring. However, security manufacturers and central monitoring stations have been slowly evolving their products and services to prepare for the digital and Internet age. Now there are several options available for alarm system monitoring if you are thinking about disconnecting your home phone line.

Global System for Mobile Communication Unit (GSM)
The GSM unit uses a dedicated wireless connection that is completely independent of other communication networks.

The Internet
Many of the newer alarm panels are equipped with Internet Protocol (IP) technology which will allow monitoring over the Internet. One of the benefits of Internet monitoring is the ability to view your activity online. Additional services offer interactive features like the ability to adjust your thermostats, switch lights on and off or view your home online with IP cameras.

For more information on alarm system monitoring without phone lines contact an Atronic Alarms sales associate at 913.362.0000.

Summer Protocol: Update Your “Call List” to Eliminate False Alarm Dispatches

If you have children who are returning home from college, a new service person or builder starting work, or are planning a summer vacation it is critical that you contact Atronic Alarms and update your information at the central monitoring station.

There are two types of people who should be included in your call list: Users and Notifiers.

Your call list is the reference sheet we use to contact you or verify a user’s password and access level. If your information is not current false dispatches may occur.

A user is a person who will be entering your property and arming/disarming your security system, like a maid, a cleaning service, pet sitter a relative or your college student home for the summer. This person should have both a keypad code and a password. If an alarm is accidently set off and if the user cannot provide the correct password to the central monitoring station, the police will be dispatched and false alarm fees will incur.

A notifier, on the other hand, is a person who the central monitoring station will contact in case of an alarm or emergency who can make decisions. This person is normally the owner of the property. Notifier information must be updated if phone numbers change or when vacations or long trips are taken so we know your itinerary and how to reach you, or someone else, if there is a problem.

For example, we received a water device alert from a residence when the family was out of town. Because we knew who to contact we could quickly assess the situation and assist in solving the problem before much water damage occurred.