2016 Spring Safety Checklist

Smiling Frog - Spring Safety
Have a stress-free break or vacation this year by completing our 2016 Spring Safety Checklist before you leave town.

checkboxSchedule an annual tune-up on your security system. Our technicians will test all your devices and alert you if any batteries or devices need replacing.

checkboxInstall a water detector in your basement near the sump pump to alert you if water seeps in.

checkboxChange batteries in all your electrician-installed smoke detectors.

checkboxUpdate your alarm call list – make sure people and phone numbers are correct and add any new people who may be coming in and out of the home.

checkboxMake sure your alarm permit is on file and up to date with the city. Some municipalities will not respond to an alarm if the proper paperwork and fees are not submitted and kept current.

checkboxTrim your shrubs around the home and replace all old or damaged outdoor light bulbs to minimize areas where burglars can hide.

checkboxClean outdoor motion sensors.

checkboxEven if you simply walk around back or down the street to speak with a neighbor, keep your garage doors closed at all times. People can slip in and out of open garage doors undetected in less than a minute and steal valuable items.