Assessing Your Security and Safety Needs before Investing in an Alarm System

20 Questions

Before you invest in a security system and entrust the safety of your home or business to Atronic Alarms, or to any other alarm company, you should assess your security and safety needs by considering these 20 questions:

  1. Will I own the entire system?
  2. Will I be tied into any long-term monitoring contracts? Or do I have options?
  3. Do I want a wireless system or hardwired?
  4. If hardwired, is there access to run wires throughout the home with an attic or unfinished basement?
  5. Is each security device on its independent zone to reduce or eliminate false alarm potential?
  6. Is the system expandable?
  7. Am I interested in fire protection?
  8. Do I have pets in the home that may be harmed by exposure to smoke (or worse) if the fire is not detected quickly while I am away?
  9. Am I interested in learning more about the “Smart Home” with home automation and energy efficiency?
  10. Would I like to know who comes to my door and who has armed/disarmed the system?
  11. Would I be interested in being able to access my system remotely, like through an iPad, smart phone or laptop?
  12. Would I like to see video clips on my phone to check in on my kids, my animals, my help or see who comes to the front door?
  13. Am I interested in quality customer service with people who can give me answers immediately when I call? For example, will a live person answer the phone or will it be a recording?
  14. Do I care about the quality of equipment?
  15. What is the warranty, how long and what does it cover?
  16. Would I like the option to invest in a service agreement?
  17. Does the alarm company have a quality assurance person in the field?
  18. Does the alarm company have ongoing training for employees and a team of research professionals to be on the forefront of the latest, most reliable technology?
  19. Would I like to contribute to my community by supporting a locally staffed alarm company utilizing a local, U.L. listed, 5-Diamond monitoring station?
  20. Are the owners of the company involved with daily operations?