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Phone Calls Attempt to Scam Kansas City Residents

(LENEXA, KS) – March 28, 2016 – SCAM ALERT! We have received some calls from our customers who say they have been contacted by someone proposing to “update” their alarm system and “lower” their monthly monitoring. The caller is usually foreign who refuses to leave a call back number. The caller I.D. is not our office or our monitoring station. The caller also mentions the system in the home is more than 3 years old. THIS IS A SCAM. We do not use telemarketers. You can find our employees on our website and always reach us at 913.362.0000.

Please let other people know who may not have access to email or the Internet. These types of phone scams most often target the elderly. If you have been contacted by someone like this, or have any questions, please call us immediately at 913.362.0000 or send us a personal message.